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July 02, 2008



Mmmmm...sounds yummy! I am going to try this tonight.

Mom, I'm Bored!

That sounds great! And how fun would dinner be served over chips. Love it!


Minus the refried beans that would be a huge hit at my house. ~must make note~



We tried this and LOVED it! It goes into the rotation!


Sounds yummy! Can't wait to try this. Our family loooves tacos, so this should work out great for us! I'll just substitute the beef for ground turkey, like we do for our tacos. Thanks for posting this!


I'm just now getting to some of the WFMW posts for that theme! There were so many!

I like Mexican and this sounds really yummy. I have added to my "To Try" list :)


The Truth

The real story on Wizbang, of course, is that Kim Priestap has lost every ounce of whatever questionable credibility she ever had. She soiled her metaphorical britches in grand style "reporting" a "story," about a white, female McCain campaign worker who was allegedly attacked by a black, male Obama supporter, who, while carrying out this heinous deed, carved a "B" on her face with a knife. Which now of course has been has been exposed as an utter, total lie.

But let's concentrate on the Kimster, shall we? She's been completely and thoroughly exposed as a shrill, hysterical spokes-hole, a mindless, Palin-esque empty shell and tool who reflexively parrots, without investigation, without conscience, without the slightest glimmer of intelligence, the following idiocy:

"Drudge has the headline in red. These Obama cultists are dangerous and out of control. What the hell will these people do if the messiah loses on November 4th? Is this the new strategy to get Obama elected? Vote Obama or we'll riot, mutilate people and destroy property? Keep in mind, community activists used intimidation to get banks to give home loans to minority and high risk customers. They stormed bank lobbies and scared away customers. They harassed bank presidents at their homes. It seems they're willing to go even further and actually mutilate a McCain supporter. Will voters with McCain signs in their front yards be targeted, too? To me, this is an argument to defeat Obama soundly on November 4th. We will not be intimidated into voting for Obama."

Really Kim. Have you no pride? Have you no shame? Have you no decency?

You certainly have no credentials as a journalist, reporter or writer. You've embarrassed yourself about as totally as one can in public.

You've exposed yourself for what you are. The next time you link the words "Obama" and "terrorist" in the same sentence, please be sure to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself just who the real terrorist seems to be here.

I wish you a eight long, wonderful years in the country of President Obama. Get used to it. You've helped make it happen.

And we who support Obama can't thank you enough!

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