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June 27, 2008



Fat Ticker Friday ~snort~

Great job! I'm down another 1.5# in the last two days (for a total of 9# down since May 13), not sure WHY or HOW and my official weigh-in isn't until Monday, so I'm hoping for another .5 to 1#.


Hey! One pound is good!
So you're on a good way!

Keep on going!

Hugs, Sonny

ET @ Titus2:3-5

Excellent work! Sounds like your long term goal is about as big as mine. I had baby #5 in Sept, and it took me forever to get the first 10# off. Now I'm (finally) working on the next 13. Hopefully by fall I can kick another 5-10. Little by little, we'll all get skinnier! :)


that's great!! those little one pound losses add up quickly! good for you this week!


Great loss! 1 lbs at a time :)

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there is only partial truth in the statement that after shedding the excess fat, the skin becomes flabby and begins to sag.

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