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May 14, 2008


Chrissy aka SpoiledMom

My daughter loves this stuff! (she's 11) LOL Remember Agent Code Blue? I think that was the name anyway. She was heart broken when they stopped making that. It turned your teeth blue and you used it before you brushed. (it came with a little red thingy that you could use to see the plaque on your teeth) fun times..... LOL
Got your link from Fussy. your site is too cute!

Kim Priestap

I think I remember that. When I was in grade school, a very long time ago, our teacher had a dental hygienist come in and talk to us. We chewed the red thingy so we could see how much plaque was still left on our teeth. I thought for sure I wouldn't have any red on mine because I brushed so well. Surprise! I had a ton.


Hi Kim !

Found you through Shannon + really happy I did. You instantly became a 'daily read'.

What's funny though? I saw the photo of your soon to be new puppy and thought "Oh My Gosh! They're getting a puggle too?"

It was the sweet black muzzle that threw me. I had never seen great dane puppies before. How cute!

So good luck with the new pup + I'm looking forward to enjoying your writing! :)

Kim Priestap

Hey, Debra. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you found me. And I'm honored you are making me a daily read. Yay!


Good to know! I just bought a little bottle of it a few days ago for my boy to try but we hadn't used it yet. I'll open it up tonight.

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Marvin Will

Now that's one way to convince a kid to take care of his teeth. Putting a mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste in the Easter basket is fun, and it would be a great surprise for the kids. The dental kit should be enough to balance all that candy inside.

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